Song production process example

Recently we had a chance to work on great project where we had a requirement to compose, record and produce backing track in a style of David Bowie’s John The Lion.

Song production has a few important steps.

First you need to understand the genre of music that you are working on.
We took our time and listened to a reference song multiple times.

After that we have started the recording step.

It is important to professionally record all the instruments (it is important thing for later steps).
In this case all guitars and bass are recorded dry without any effects.

You can hear all instruments recorded and arranged:

After this step we have started working on adding effects, balancing and mixing of all tracks together.

Adding effects and mixing step is always fun thing to do.
We like to experiment until we create something awesome.

You can hear that step before mastering here:

Pretty big difference huh?

Feeling happy 🙂